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Вдохновение в Калифорнии, декабрь 2017

This is our first in California 3 days deep dive retreat into the internal world with the help of breath work and nature, including but not limited to, with:

- facilitated breathwork sessions ;
- hot water rebirthing in the pool;
- integration sessions (sharing);
- meditations and other practices ;
- follow up for those who wants

Rebirthing breathwork is a powerful method to heal your traumas and overcome old frontiers. Rebirthing brings you expanded awareness on all levels and helps to navigate in the alternate states of consciousness, connecting with your true self. Rebirthing was invented in 1970s by Leonard Orr and became a start for a number of other breathwork types, still having it’s own uniqueness and great transformational power.

Workshop fee of $470 includes: 2 nights lodging is in a comfortable tents under the redwood trees. Hikes, hot tub, woods to create a special environment. Healthy vegan and vegetarian food provided

Workshop facilitator – Tatiana Ginzburg, PhD in transpersonal psychology, 20 years of experience in various breathwork, founder of European Breathwork School, ex-national Russian coordinator at International Breathwork Foundation, author of «Methodology of Integration in Breathwork» . She is a tough leader, who moves you through your biggest challenges.