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Free breathing

Free breathing is a unique integration breathing technique created in Russia in1980th.

You probably heard about Holotropic Breathwork and Rebirthing breathwork. We also offer those practices as well. But Free Breathing is something different. It helps you to stay aware while going deep to your subcouncious and soul. Thus Free Breathing helps to work with current actual questions and situations of real life, using your own breath.

This technic is powerful and safe method of self-exploration and self-development, leading towards a better quality of life, to better relationship with yourself and others.

Workshop includes a theory of Free Breathing breathing style and its principals, test session and integration sharing after the breathwork. Group is small and everyone gets individual attention.

Facilitator – Tatiana Ginzburg, PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, Breathwork facilitator from 1993 with over 20 years of experience in various breathwork. She is a founder of European Breathwork School (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), ex-national Russian coordinator at International Breathwork Foundation, author of «Methodology of Integration in Breathwork». She represents a rare type of facilitation that does not let you escape from your real challenges but rather work through them and become Free !



830 Bancroft Way @6th St,

Berkeley, California 94710


Cost of participation Special price – $45

$50 – at the door


707 865 9456 or

Где проходит: 
CA Bercly