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DA Breathing

С 1 по 5 апреля

DA Breathing -

is a Breathing practice of acceptance and recognition of kindness that surrounds us. DA in Russian means YES

DA comes not through artificial escaping to positive whatever happens and not through rejecting your emotions but through true sincerity and acceptance. It is a possibility to break the chains of habitual loneliness, meet and accept your worries, open towards the World and other Human Beings and to experience the Bliss of Life Flow.

DA-breathing is an author’s style, developed by Tatiana Ginzburg, breathworker with over 20 years of experience and advanced human potential development master. Da-Breathing came out of Free Breathing, Rebirthing Breathwork and Holotropic Breathwork. It involves the sound and verbal meaning, that allow to transform a negative feeling into Love and Joy. Tatiana Ginzburg is working with different Breathwork styles from 1993.She is PhD in Transpersonal psychology and her dissertation devoted to Integration in Breathwork and Solving problem of Integration through overcoming the Infinity. Tatiana is a leader of Russian house #1 (Jenner), co-founder of Game Mastery School

Workshop includes theory, breathwork sessions, integration sharing, a variety of transpersonal experiences and practices


Cost of participation

- $300,

$ 400 - at the door Sliding Fee Discount - please ask,

Da (yes) as alternative payment system

Staying over night possible, please ask

registration required

call 707 865 94 56 or


Где проходит: 
USA, CA, Jenner